What Can You Do About Organizational Culture?

How can an organization intentionally change its own culture and climate?

Measure “Where are we now?” and determine “Where do we want to be?” – Organizations need to know whether the current status of their culture and climate reflects what is needed and wanted. This is the first step in being able to effect any needed or desired changes.

Assess the gap between the current and the desired organizational culture – There is no single “right” organization culture. What’s right depends on the type of work, the people who are employed, the clients who are served, etc. Organizations need to determine the culture and climate that will be the best for their people and their businesses, and then work diligently and intentionally to get there.

Take action – Organizations should make changes that will create the culture/climate of success that they have identified. Measurable goals and objectives encourage employee participation in creating the culture that you all want.

Publicize it! – Organizations should make their culture/climate public by sharing them internally and externally, and by emphasizing the current observable culture and[underline] aspirations for the future. It is critical to send consistent messages about the role of culture in hiring, onboarding, training, performance management, language, public statements and materials, visual materials, and user interfaces. Culture and climate influence employees’ identities and can be a source of pride when employees tell others about their jobs. Culture and climate contribute to an organization’s public image by informing clients, potential clients, and vendors about the character of the organization, its mission, vision, values, and goals, and the people who make the organization what it is.

Which of these steps has your organization taken to be more intentional about culture and climate?


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