about us

Our clients want adaptable partners; experts who will work with and for them like we are part of their team. That’s what we do, but we bring an outside perspective that adds huge value to your people projects.  We are a women-owned, talent enhancement and organization development (OD) consulting business. We work in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, providing customized leadership, people, team, and organization development services. Helping you build on what’s good and working, we improve what needs to change, and move from “auto-pilot” to intentional and strategic practices. Your result: more successful people, processes, and organizations.

Whether you’re in engineering, architecture, education, manufacturing, or finance – people are really your business.  They are how your work gets done and who your clients are. So, people really matter. We think so, too. That’s why we work so hard to help your people initiatives succeed.

We draw on over 35 years of combined experience as consultants, trainers, facilitators, and coaches. So – are we educated?  Yes.  Are we experienced?  Yes.  Can we help you do a lot of different things?  Yes.  But so can a lot of other firms.  So why Lumin?  What’s our advantage?

Ask clients why we are different and they will tell you we:

  • Combine high-tech methods with high-touch access to deliver personalized service to you anywhere
  • Customize programs and projects to meet your goals and budgets by really trying to understand what you need, not just what you want
  • Collaborate with you by engaging with the same level of dedication and determination you would expect of your own people. Together we will develop the right solution, not just a solution.

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