Throughout the month, we are reflecting back on 2013 – its accomplishments, successes, and yes — even challenges! One topic on the top of our research and client delivery lists this year was Mentoring Programs. Just to recap a previous blog post about Mentoring Programs (and why we are so interested in helping organizations design, […]

This month on Illuminations, as we reach the end of 2013, we want to look back and reflect on this year in Lumin.  It has been a wonderful year.  We have been very fortunate and we are looking forward to an even better 2014. We came together in March of this year to really pursue […]

As discussed earlier this month, we believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to team-building. Instead, we use a standard system to ensure that we are thorough and systematic. The following are the usual steps in our team-building process: Involve key stakeholders and people with knowledge of the team (e.g., supervisors, organization leaders, decision-makers, etc.) […]

This month in Illuminations we’ve been talking about team development – models, approaches, and things to consider when actively engaging in building a team. Curious to see where you should be spending your energy? Complete our free, no obligation, team needs assessment and we’ll send you your results! Click here:

Many consultants and organizational consulting firms offer a signature team-building approach. While there are many high-quality models out there that are backed by solid research and based on best-practices methodology, many fail to take into account the context in which the team operates, the type of team, and/or the dynamics that are specific to that […]

“Team building” has become a cringe-worthy phrase in many professional settings. It can conjure up images of well-intentioned, but “fluffy,” facilitators coming in to do a workshop they’ve done a thousand times in an effort to foster open communication and build trust. Usually people picture trust falls or human pyramids, or some version of being […]

We are proud to announce that Lumin will be presenting at the 2013 Annual Conference of the ASTD Twin Cities Chapter on October 23rd! Our presentation will be: Creating and Selling Your In-House Mentoring Program Presenters: Megan Brogger and Victoria Littlefield In-house mentoring programs have tangible benefits for mentees and mentors, and contribute to retention, […]

  Last week on Illuminations we talked about the steps organizations can take to intentionally change or manage their culture and climate: Measure “Where are we now?” and determine the “Where do we want to be?”; Assess that gap; Create a plan with actionable steps to reduce the gap and take action; Publicize the plan […]

How can an organization intentionally change its own culture and climate? Measure “Where are we now?” and determine “Where do we want to be?” – Organizations need to know whether the current status of their culture and climate reflects what is needed and wanted. This is the first step in being able to effect any […]

What is organizational climate and does it differ from organizational culture? Many researchers and practitioners believe that culture is made up of its member’s shared values, beliefs, myths, behavioral norms, and traditions, while climate is the actual manifestation of those things – observed as behaviors, attitudes, and strategies in the day-to-day life employees. So, culture […]